Charter Your Group

Chartering is a unique and beneficial program that allows churches to receive discounts and exclusive resources when they register (charter) their Royal Rangers program with the national office. Chartering provides important information to the national Royal Rangers ministry that enables them to monitor and shape the success and well-being of Royal Rangers and supports the ongoing development and improvement of the ministry. For additional information on chartering visit our chartering FAQ page.


What is Chartering?  Check out this video to see what its all about!


Charter Fees

Charter fees may vary from district to district.  To determine the charter fee applicable in your area, select your district from the following menu and click “GO”.


What is chartering and why is it Important?

Chartering is registering members of your outpost with the National Royal Rangers Ministries. Chartering provides:

  • Important information to the national ministry that helps monitor and shape the success and well-being of Royal Rangers.
  • Support for the ongoing development and improvement of the ministry.
  • A solid financial foundation for national and district ministry and preferred benefits for chartered outposts.
  • Advancement of the important biblical cause of Royal Rangers to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

What are the benefits of chartering?

Exclusive Charter Benefit
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charter benefits

The benefits of chartering are many. The greatest, of course, is that you benefit from the services provided by the national and district leadership teams as they endeavor to continually improve and grow Royal Rangers for local church success. The following list illustrates the many benefits of chartering available to you and your outpost.

  • 15% discount on Ranger gear when ordered via the Ranger Online Superstore
  • 15% discount on all national and regional training events
  • 15% discount on national and regional activities like Camporama, Rendezvous, National LEAD Conference, and more
  • 15% discount on district training events
  • 15% discount on select district Royal Rangers activities and events
  • Each chartered member of your outpost will receive a free copy of Rangers NOW, the National Royal Rangers Ministry’s official print communication piece.
  • Your outpost will get one free copy of the Outpost Promotional Kit, which is full of resources like promotional videos, reproducible touch cards, clip art, customizable banners to advertise your ministry and/or decorate your meeting rooms, and more!
  • Access to download Outpost Navigator, a data-tracking tool to record and track boys’ and leaders’ advancements
  • An official outpost number to wear on your uniform

As you can see, the benefits of chartering are huge! The discount on products and events alone should well exceed the cost of chartering.

What are the chartering requirements?

  • An outpost must be sponsored by a church affiliated with the Assemblies of God orthe Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA).
  • Other denominations and churches, including independent churches, may qualify if approved by the Assemblies of God district superintendent from the geographic district where the church is located. (Determined on a case-by-case basis)
  • Outposts must have at least one qualified leader, and,if possible, one or more assistants for each group sponsored (Rangers Kids, K-2; Discovery Rangers, 3-5; Adventure Rangers, 6-8; and Expedition Rangers, 9-12). All boys from each sponsored group must charter.

Where, how, and when does my Outpost charter?

Chartering can be conveniently completed online from this web site (click here to charter online). Information can be submittedonline and fees processed using the church’s (or individual’s) preferred payment card. The discounts and charter benefits are available 24-48 hours after online processing. For your ease of use, the charter information is stored on a secure database that allows quick processing in future years as relevant fields are automatically populated. You simply verify or update the information.

Those wishing to print a completed form and mail payment by check may do so. Please note, due to the additional data entry of mail in forms, an additional $15 processing fee will apply. Once the charter is processed by the national office, the discounts and chartering benefits will be available in approximately 24 – 48 hours.

The charter year is September 1 – August 30 (traditional school year) The charter-processing period will be August 15 – October 31 for all established outposts. All charter renewals should be submitted during this time (although charters submitted after October 31st will be accepted).

New outposts may charter at anytime of the year, and fees for their first charter period will be prorated. All outposts that have not chartered within the last five years will be considered a new charter. Outposts that have chartered within the past five years and submit their charter and payment after October 31st will not be prorated.

The only outstanding question is, “Should I charter my outpost?” The answer,of course, is, “Yes!” Chartering not only makes you a nationwide partner in a biblical cause but also offers you and your outpost benefits that far exceed the cost of the charter. It is simply more cost effective to charter than not.

For more information, visit our chartering FAQ page.

Chartering Now Available ONLINE!

Outposts maycharter online. Online chartering provides many benefits including:

  • Almost immediate processing time, allowing quick access to charter benefits, such as product discounts through GPH
  • Increased accuracy of information being transmitted by eliminating the need for the information to be manually entered by the national office

For more information concerning online chartering, or to begin the online charter process, click here.