For Royal Rangers to prosper and grow in the coming years, we must strive to be a “boy-led, adult-facilitated ministry!” By giving boys and young men the training and the opportunities to lead, they will take ownership of their outposts; they will no longer be spectators but participants in the cause of evangelizing the world, equipping the next generation of Christlike men, and empowering lifelong servant leaders.

Junior Leadership Training Academy for Rangers

To accomplish this, the Southern Pacific District offers Junior Leadership Training Academy for boys in sixth through twelveth grades. This academy gives the boys an opportunity to put into action the training they receive each week.┬áTo learn about this year’s Junior Leadership Training Academy, and download the packet, please go to the event page.

Leadership Training for Commanders

To ensure these young men receive this quality leadership training in the classroom, National Royal Rangers has developed the new National Ranger Ministry Academy to replace the previous Leadership Training Academy. During this training, Commanders take part in the learning process, through thorough instruction and hands on experience.