General and New Training Information

Updated 8/14/12

The following information provides a summary of the most recent changes and updates to Royal Rangers training elements.

Rangers Ministry Academy 2012

More elements of the Rangers Ministry Academy (RMA) are being phased in as part of a nationwide transition in training. The RMA incorporates all aspects of Royal Rangers training, including specific training for church leaders and support staff, junior leaders, adult leaders, and trainers.

For more information view our  Rangers Ministry Academy Training Chart.

New Online training available

Outpost Chaplaincy and Preventing Child and Substance Abuse are now available as online training courses.  Go to the following Link to sign up and take these revised courses.

New Training Available

Ranger Safety Course

The new Ranger Safety online course is now available and replaces the Safety and the Church course.

This course will help leaders understand key safety issues that may arise during meetings, activities, and transportation. It will cover topics like proper approach to safety, principles of safety, personal and group responsibilities, assessing risk, and the importance of screening leaders.  It is a required course for the Safety Level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels.

NRMC Patch National Rangers Ministry Camp provides instruction in leading exciting outpost activities. Each man will be introduced to the following activities: archery, art, air rifle, contemporary camping, computers, drama, music, team building initiatives, trades, and  Ranger Derby. Additionally, participants learn how to be a boy-lead, adult-facilitated outpost, using the team/patrol system. Most importantly, participants are challenged spiritually to live a life of godly manhood and servant leadership. Every leader will be  able to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?”Go to the National Training Schedule and Registration Linkk current schedule and locations.
Ranger Basics

Ranger Basics

The Revised (version 2.0) Ranger Basics, one of the courses required for the Ready Level of the outpost lead advancement levels is  available through your local district. Contact your district training coordinator for more information. For more information on Ranger Basics visit the Ready page.

Ranger Essentials

Ranger Essentials

The Ranger Essentials leader-training course; one of the courses required for the Ready Level of the outpost leader advancement levels is available through your local district. Contact your district training coordinator for more information. For more information on Ranger Essentials visit the Ready page.



The Advanced Leader has completed all the requirements for the Ready, Safety, and Trained Levels, as well as the following additional training elements:

WCO Attend and complete the World Class Outpost Seminar (WCO), a one and a half day training conference designed to develop outpost leadership through best practices, strategies and tools.
Complete two continuous training opportunities(at least 2 hours each) offered by either certified instructors from the section/district, or official Royal Ranger online courses, or two Action Camps (when available).NOTE:  Attendance at NCE, NTT, ANTC, or WNTC between January 1, 2009-December 31, 2010, will count toward the Action Camp requirement.
Advanced Ticket The Advanced Ticket represents practical applications leaders must complete to put into practice things they have learned or been introduced to in the Outpost Leader Advancement training or WCO.  All pratical applications must be completed afterJanuary 1, 2009.To complete the Advanced Ticket leaders must…

  1. Personally present the gospel to at least one boy (previous presentations not included).
  2. Following pastoral guidance, get an adult new to Royal Rangers



Training Academy

The purpose of the TA is to nationally certify quality instructors to teach Ranger Basics (RB), Ranger Essentials (RE), and RMA continuous learning electives (cle). Certification will be provided through the region in cooperation with the local district. The Training Academy is the prerequisite for attending all other academies. For more information go to the instructor training information link.